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Best Entrepreneurship Business Schools

English: Harvard Business School Baker Library...

English: Harvard Business School Baker Library 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As part of my stance to further my education, I have been looking into applying to an entrepreneurial based Masters Degree program. These are generally offered through business schools, although I have seen some technology entrepreneurship programs that are offered through other schools as well. After several hours of research, I came across some very interesting articles regarding rankings of business schools and how such rankings stand up to actual entrepreneurial performance.

As you may know, the two most cited reviews for college rankings are the Princeton Review and the U.S. News & World Report. Generally we tend to take these reviews on their word, but a recent LinkedIn study found that many of the current top rankings for entrepreneurial schools are flawed in terms of graduates that actually start entrepreneurial ventures.

As best stated in the article the, “LinkedIn study examined the backgrounds of members who identify themselves as startup founders and came up with the leading schools for entrepreneurs.” The study examined over 120 million LinkedIn profiles to discover which schools actually produced the most self proclaimed entrepreneurs. Accordingly, LinkedIn membership data shows that these five schools produced the most startup founders:

Followed by Wharton, Columbia, Babson, Virginia Darden, and the Johnson School at Cornell University.

The results conclude that many of the top ranking schools from the Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report in fact do not produce the most self proclaimed startup founders according to LinkedIn profile data. The below chart illustrates these figures in a side by side comparison.

LinkedIn Rank & School U.S. News Rank Princeton Review
1. Stanford 2 8
2. Harvard Business School 4 NR
3. MIT Sloan 3 NR
4. California-Berkeley (Haas) 6 NR
5. Dartmouth (Tuck) NR NR
6. Pennsylvania (Wharton) 5 NR
7. Columbia Business School 19 NR
8. Babson 1 1
9. Virginia (Darden) 14 7
10. Cornell (Johnson) NR NR

Source: LinkedIn study, U.S. News, and Princeton Review

Ultimately, from the data above I believe that the best way to pick the best Masters Degree program is to examine each program individually and then decide which is taylored to your needs.

I’d like to know what your opinions are regarding the above programs, or if you recommend any others based on data or past experiences. This would greatly help in my task of choosing the best program to continue my education and promote quality and steadfast solutions that benefit individuals and the world. In addition, if you would like to donate to my cause, I would greatly appreciate your kind heartedness and generosity as I need to raise enough funds so that I may work my hardest to make this world a better place and give back to others who truely deserve it!



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  1. Nice article.

    Posted by Scott | September 12, 2012, 10:23 pm

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