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Technology Entrepreneurship

Theres been a lot of talk in the news in recent years regarding technology and entrepreneurship coupling to create new high-tech products and services. We see these around us all the time and probably use them every day without realizing the ingenuity that goes into creating these items. Cellular devices with real-time GPS navigation and social network capabilities were just becoming a reality 5 or 6 years ago, and privatized flights to space will soon be a reality for most.

So what is technology entrepreneurship and how is it used in everyday life? Well, I believe that it depends on how you see the two fields becoming more and more intertwined. As new technologies are created, those individuals who seek to use them in new ways will each have an idea of how new products and services may be created to best serve humanity. An interesting list of definitions from a personal perspective may be referenced here,, where some definitions still from sociological ideologies to personal triumphs. Technology entrepreneurship is really about you, and how you challenge yourself using what resources there are around you.

In my opinion, one of the most exciting aspects of technology and entrepreneurship working together for mutual benefit is that you no longer have to be a large corporation with extensive funding to compete on a global market. For instance, last summer when I had to get a new phone because my old one died, I decided to get a Windows Phone (being an avid lover of Microsoft products I knew this was the right choice). That night, I decided to make a huge change in my life and decided to devote all of my spare time to learning how to create applications for the Windows Phone. I was extremely excited about the opportunity to have my apps downloaded by anyone, and was immediately hooked. English: Windows Phone 7.5 StartAdmittedly, this did take time away from my last semester at WVU, but every second was worth it. I now have a couple of applications on the Windows Phone Marketplace and I am hoping to launch more in the very near future! There is no doubt that in the year that I have been striving to accomplish my goals, I have become a technology entrepreneur. Yes, it is extremely time-consuming and often difficult to teach yourself. Yes, it does take time away from other activities you would also like to be doing. And yes, your peers may often doubt your abilities, passion, and efforts to achieve your goals. As an entrepreneur in my heart, mind, and soul, I understand these costs (and many more) are a part of the process, but as any true entrepreneur would agree, all the hardships and struggles are well worth the thrill of accomplishment and knowing you worked your hardest to achieved success in your own eyes (often the hardest eyes on you).

I would really enjoy hearing about your technological and entrepreneurial initiatives, stories, and successes or failures. This way we can all learn from each others stories of hardships and successes, and help each other through shared experiences.



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September 2012
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